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We are in a very strange time.  A time when we desperately need to be united.  We are far from it.  I admit I unsure as to this pandemic and the future but I do know that as neighbor, friend, and community participant I will do whatever I can to ensure you are safe and free from any risk ( perceived or real) and that includes very difficult restrictions I must adhere to.  I hope we can all come together in this difficult time.  We truly share more in common than we perceive that keeps us apart.  Don't let anyone define who or what you are without your 100 percent approval.




  1. chiropractor near me

    Roth Chiropractic and Massage has always taken precautions to provide a safe, clean environment for our patients and staff. Unless instructed otherwise, the office will continue to be open, providing most (if not all) the services you are used to. Additionally, we are now certified to use Acupuncture as part of your Chiropractic treatment program.